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SkyLight Paths Publishing is creating a place where people of different spiritual traditions come together for challenge and inspiration, a place where we can help each other understand the mystery that lies at the heart of our existence. Through spirituality, our religious beliefs are increasingly becoming a part of our livesórather than apart from our lives. While many of us may be more interested than ever in spiritual growth, we may be less firmly planted in traditional religion. Yet, we do want to deepen our relationship to the sacred, to learn from our own as well as from other faith traditions, and to practice in new ways. SkyLight Paths sees both believers and seekers as a community that increasingly transcends traditional boundaries of religion and denominationópeople wanting to learn from each other, walking together, finding the way.

What We Do

SkyLight Paths recognizes that believers and seekers of different faith traditions, or no specific tradition, want to listen to and learn from each other as never before. We want to help them. This does not mean that our readers leave their own religious traditions behind. It does mean that they are open to one faith enriching another. SkyLight Paths will help believers deepen their faith and help seekers in their search. We will succeed only if our books make a difference in your life. We are all walking together, finding the way.
Stuart M. Matlins


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